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Animal Attraction Pet Grooming

751 Frenchtown Rd
Argyle, TX 76226

Welcome to Animal Attraction Pet Grooming

Welcome to Animal Attraction Pet Grooming located in the quaint agricultural setting of Argyle, TX.   At Animal Attraction our specialty is the CAT.  We provide grooming of your special feline in a low stress environment.  Grooming is done without tranquilization, by appointment, with no dogs present.  I am certified by the state of Texas as a groomer, a show exhibitor of Persian Cats and taught Cats at the Allbreed Grooming School in Arlington.  As the CAT GROOMER, my services include lion cuts, belly cuts, comb outs and baths.   Small dogs under 20 lbs. are welcome.  Animal Attraction Pet Grooming was founded in 2002, and is referred by local vets for compassionate care and grooming quality.

We are also the home of CFA registered Vanier Persian Cattery.  Vanier has been registered with the CFA since 1994, breeding show cats in the colors of brilliant white (blue eyes, odd eyes and copper eyes), other solid colors and bi-colors.  CFA Vanier Persians has brought in show pedigrees for Silver and Golden Persians with vivid green eye color and type. It’s an extensive breeding program of some of the best pedigrees in the nation.  These cats will grace the show halls in the future.  A small variety of Persians known as Teacups, are available for companions.  Teacups are a separate breeding program from my show cats and come in a variety of colors.   Vanier is also a show breeder of AKC Pekingese and a member of the AKC Pekingese Club of Texas.  We specialize in the solid pristine white Pekingese and the traditional masked variety.

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